Fabric Information & Care

All KIT products are made using 100% organic pima cotton. 


Pima cotton is softer and stronger than regular cotton making it great value for money. It will last longer, meaning your kids can get tonnes of wear out of their clothes. 

KIT t-shirts are made from interlock fabric because it feels soft against the skin, has lots of stretch without the need for man-made fibres and, most importantly, holds its shape well after washing.  


Organic cotton is soft and breathable so whether your kids are racing around at soft play or snuggling up on the sofa, wearing KIT will make sure they don't get too hot or too chilly. 


Cotton is often described as one of the dirtiest crops on the planet thanks to the amount of water and foil-fuel based pesticides required for it to grow. Organic cotton on the other hand, uses systems which contribute to long term benefits for people and the environment.   

Organic cotton is grown naturally by farmers who are paid a fair wage and guaranteed safe working conditions. Farmers can also grow different crops alongside organic cotton which provides the community with an additional source of income and accessible food supplies. 

Organic cotton is mostly watered by rain, which relieves pressure on local water supplies, and contributes to healthier soils, which help to combat climate change by storing carbon.  

Caring for your KIT Clothing 

To make sure your kids get the most wear possible from their KIT Clothing outfits please follow the washing instructions on the care label: 

  • turn inside out 
  • wash at 30 degrees 
  • allow to dry naturally 
  • cool iron on reverse 


Organic cotton does not go through the same chemical processes as standard cotton. This is great because it means no toxic chemicals are used on your child's clothing making it kinder to the planet and your child's skin. However, it does mean that products might shrink a little during their first wash.  

To account for this a 5% shrinkage allowance has been added to each garment so they may seem oversized at first. If you'd like help deciding which size to order please get in touch, annabel@kitclothing.co.uk